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EnrichHER Society is the community where fundraising, learning, and networking meet to support women-led businesses and inspire future female entrepreneurs. Now we’re taking it to a new level, you will no longer just participate or attend, you will BELONG. 

EnrichHER Society provides one-of-a-kind opportunities and access to capital, coaching, and connections. Unite in-person and online with others who are aligned in the beliefs that there is no limit to success and that women-led businesses should have equal access to financial support and freedom. 

Enrich yourself and the world around you by becoming a member today!

About EnrichHER

Less than 8% of all venture capital deals go to women. EnrichHER believes that everyone who possesses the entrepreneurial spirit and is willing to put in the hard work to execute her vision deserves access to capital and resources. Therefore, we have taken the initiative to create an ecosystem that helps women founders get funding to grow incredible ventures through capital (EnrichHER Funding) and connections (EnrichHER Spark). 



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